We focus on quality. That is why you’ll find our quality service right in the middle of the factory. It is the key player and is involved in all our different manufacturing processes. From work preparation to shipping. To guarantee our high-quality standards, we invest in several important tools:

Six sigma
The term Six Sigma (6σ) refers to an error risk of only 0,00034%. This was developed by quality management and reduces variation in manufacturing and business processes. The goal is to manufacture products that comply with our client’s expectations.

ISO TS 16949 (automotive)
ISO / TS 16949 is the only standard approved worldwide in relation to quality management, applicable to every organisation working in the automotive & motorcycle supply chain.

Black Belt
Our quality controller achieved the Black Belt. He is able to streamline business processes and ensures that change management is running smoothly. In turn, our client benefits from reduced costs and processing times.

50 PPM awards
We work for clients who have high demands when it comes to quality performance. That is why we are so proud of our 50 PPM awards, meaning our margin of error is only 0,005%.

Measuring machines
Our measuring machines measure our products fully automated and very accurately. The data we retrieve from these measurements are analysed for static process control.

We operate according to the set standards. That is why we dispose of these preferred certificates:
• ISO-9001
• ISO TS 16949: Automotive
• ISO 14001: Environment
• Conversion qualified

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