Our works

We provide the complete castings, and we take care of the purchase and the organisation with the foundries. Thanks to our global network, we are able to purchase these from countries like Germany, England, Poland, Austria, Turkey, India and Spain, depending on the desired quality. We are selling our products in the entire world.

Flexible Manufacturing Sytem (FMS)
We machine the products our clients need. And we do so just-in-time. This allows us to deliver efficiently, cost-consciously and always on time. Our unique Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is essential here. It is an automated loading system, where five separate processing centres can be controlled. This new technology allows us to clamp products faster, which leads to an explosive growth in productivity. This system also simplifies machining both small and larger series.

CNC Milling
Our CNS machine park is unique in terms of its capacity. These CNC machining centres offer the possibility to mill and turn castings. Starting from input materials such as forgings, castings , we mill 4- axis machined parts on horizontal machining centres with 2 pallets, dimension maximum 1400 x 1100 mm, 1000 mm high, and 4-axis machined parts on vertical machining centres, measuring maximum 1440 x 700 mm, 600 mm high.

CNC Turning
Combined turned and milled products are in the right place in our CNC machine park. These machines can handle all types of turning.We can turn complex contours and we dispose of two machines with driven tools to perform milling operations on the lathe.

We machine products with a 50-750 mm diameter, with a maximum rotation length of 2000 mm. Our input materials: forgings, castings and pig iron materials.

Video Flexible Manufacturing Sytem (FMS)

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